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my name is nadiia and i’m a recognized visual designer, art director, and photographer. currently based in amsterdam, netherlands. 


most of my work involves a mix of visual storytelling, brand oriented communication, deeply connected with the art and photo industry. in particular, i'm drawn to finding ways of conveying ideas via various mediums, especially in the fashion industry. to me, it is crucial to craft visually captivating stories, not only to serve the business's objectives but to resonate with the viewer. besides, i am inspired to work on projects related to music, theatre, and socially significant initiatives.


i’m a trained brand strategist and never stopped my learning process. last year i attended london university of arts course for art direction, participated in a creative residency in portugal, and got recognition for multiple personal projects. 


over the last 6 years, i’ve had the pleasure of working in creative fields across east and west europe, as well as the APAC region. beginning as an independent illustrator years ago, i evolved as a specialist who can lead creative teams and deliver outstanding campaigns. 


check my cv here, email me at 

follow my instagram for social life and bts of projects, or linkedIn for old-fashioned networking. 

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used to working in marketing and studio teams

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