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vintage jewelry (APAC) e-shop

brief: our primary objective is to establish our APAC vintage e-shop as a destination for authentic, timeless elegance by curating a selection of european jewelry that celebrates the beauty of imperfection and individuality, echoing the concept of embracing authenticity and real beauty.

creative concept: through a series of intimate portraits, we invite viewers to witness the beauty of real people, untouched by makeup or artificial enhancements. each photograph captures the raw essence of our subjects, showcasing their natural features and individuality in all its glory.


by embracing our imperfections, we celebrate what makes us truly beautiful – our authenticity. just as vintage jewelry gains character and charm with age, so too do we, as we embrace the passage of time and the stories etched upon our faces. in this digital e-shop experience, visitors are invited to explore the exquisite beauty of vintage jewelry alongside the raw beauty of real people. through compelling storytelling and captivating imagery, we aim to redefine beauty standards and inspire a newfound appreciation for the uniqueness that resides within each of us.

Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 17.40.23.png
Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 17.40.31.png

key messages:

  1. authentic beauty: highlighting the unique charm and character of vintage european jewelry, reflecting the beauty of imperfections and the stories they carry.

  2. timeless diversity: emphasize the enduring allure of vintage pieces, each imbued with a sense of history and nostalgia that resonates with the modern person, no matter which gender they are.

  3. personal expression: position our e-shop as a platform for individuals to express their authentic selves through the timeless elegance of vintage jewelry, echoing the concept of celebrating real beauty and uniqueness.


in this project, i assumed the role of art director, spearheading the aesthetic direction of the e-shop from concept to packaging. collaborating closely with designers and the marketing team, i led the charge in crafting a cohesive visual identity that resonated with the target audience.

to bring our vision to life, i assembled a talented team, scouted locations for photo shoots, and oversaw the delivery of assets. from shaping the overall concept to meticulously refining every detail, my role was instrumental in ensuring the seamless execution of our vision across to all aspects of the project.

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