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simone wild campaign

objective: the primary objective of this fashion collection is to attract new customers by effectively communicating the brand's unique blend of minimalism and joy, thereby setting it apart from competitors. the campaign will be utilized across digital channels and print materials to reach a wide audience.

creative concept: in the heart of our bustling city lies the most popular public laundry, where the daily routines of our diverse community converge and the essence of our new fashion collection finds its home. meet mia, an ordinary yet extraordinary young woman navigating city life with grace and style. as she steps into the laundromat, she brings with her the essence of our latest collection – a celebration of everyday elegance and effortless sophistication.

with each spin of the washing machine and fold of freshly laundered garments, mia's story unfolds, revealing the seamless integration of our new collection into her daily routine, from delicate lace lingerie exuding confidence to flowing dresses that dance with her every step. through captivating visuals and immersive storytelling, we invite our audience to journey alongside mia as she intertwines our brand's essence into every moment of her vibrant city life, showcasing the beauty and grace that define us all.

key messages for the campaign:

1. minimalist elegance: in the campaign we emphasize the brand's commitment to minimalist aesthetics, focusing on clean lines, simple silhouettes, and understated sophistication.

2. vibrant joy: our goal was to highlight the infusion of joy and positivity into the collection, incorporating pops of color, playful patterns, and joyful detailing to evoke a sense of excitement.

3. unique differentiation: we are communicating the brand's distinctiveness within the market, showcasing how our minimalist approach is elevated by a sense of joy and vitality, setting us apart from competitors.

execution and collaboration: as the art director for this campaign, i collaborated closely with the photographer to conceptualize the visual direction for the brand, leveraging our respective skills to craft a compelling narrative. once we aligned our vision with the brand's aesthetic, my focus shifted towards identifying the perfect location and assembling a talented team to bring our concept to life.

throughout the production stage, i played a pivotal role in ensuring that the shooting remained aligned with our initial idea, overseeing every detail to maintain cohesiveness and authenticity. during post-production, i meticulously curated and edited the imagery, adapting the content to suit the specific channels of communication, whether it be digital platforms or print materials. through seamless collaboration and meticulous attention to detail, we were able to execute a campaign that effectively communicated the brand's unique blend of minimalist elegance and joyful exuberance, captivating our audience and setting us apart from competitors.

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