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canyon signature pro launch

brief: signature pro is one of the core permanently available brand’s collections. existing previously as road apparel in basic colors only, the new line is supposed to propose to riders the opportunity to mix and match colors of the kits and be presented for the first time as a multiple ride-style collection. 

storytelling: high quality of the materials is one of the main features of the collection. idea for the product launch was to create a symphony of the body mussels that are highlighted with sleek second skin materials. to create a connection between customer and the new collection, we invited athletes of different ride categories and different levels of experience. each of them brought their experience of the kit to their audiences. 


visual branding: with this launch we redefine the concept of cycling apparel, seamlessly merging function with fashion. our vision lies in the belief that cycling is not just a sport but a lifestyle - an expression of individuality and passion. embracing this ethos, the collection has empowered our customers to curate their own cycling kit, selecting colors and designs that resonate with their personality and riding style.

to bring this concept to life, we embarked on a creative journey, capturing the essence of our brand through a series of captivating studio campaign images. we sought to amplify the impact of our collection by engaging with real-world cyclists in their natural habitats. inviting athletes to don our latest creations and hit the roads they know best, we captured moments of authenticity and freedom, celebrating the symbiotic relationship between cyclists and their gear.

execution and collaboration: as the art director for this launch, my journey began by teaming up with the brand manager and strategist to chart our course for this launch. collaborating closely, we hashed out our goals and aspirations. with the creative director and photographer by our side, we dove headfirst into the creative process. we aligned on moodboards to capture the exact vibe we wanted to convey in our campaign shots.

next up? joining forces with the copywriter to fine-tune the tone and message, ensuring they resonated just right. then the production stage came up. my role? keeping everything in line with our original vision. from the set design to the poses of athlete models, every detail had to be on point. after the post-production stage, my job shifted to maintaining consistency across all channels. whether you stumbled upon us online, in your inbox, or scrolling through social media, i made sure our visuals were seamless and spoke volumes about our collection.

so, what's the bottom line? as an art director, my mission was crystal clear: to breathe life into our brand's vision in a way that demanded attention and left a lasting impression on the audience.

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