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margarett & hermione

creative concept: the brand philosophy is sustainable swim- and sportswear for bodies of diverse types. the brand openly demonstrates the beauty of the body and presents the comfort of being in the brand's product equally to being naked. however, even though we as a european society heading toward a tolerant and open-minded worldview, lots of women still are ashamed of their bodies. with this campaign, we wanted to redefine the grotesque protest of diverse women's bodies to a normalizing of being in any body.


for this purpose, we recreated a classic painting of botticelli to highlight how the body can naturally be and feel like a piece of art. but to make a shorter distance to this image we chose to create it in locations where everyone can recognize their daily life - supermarket, parking slot, a yard in front of the apartment building. you know these places, you've been there, this woman is you, this beauty is you. the brand is talking with you and appreciates you. the dialogue has started, and the foundation for your trust has already been built.

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